"what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"
- ralph waldo emerson

Do you want to live each day more meaningfully?

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Melissa Therrien is the founder and author of Live Each Day, a women's lifestyle blog that provides inspirational content to help us find joy in each day and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. You will find articles on life, relationships, motherhood, food and healthy living. Melissa seeks to inspire women to pursue their passions so they can more fully live each day.

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An e-book full of inspiration including:

20 important reminders to help us live each day

This work helps remind us about many important aspects of living a fulfilled life, such as:

  • Living in alignment with our values
  • Focusing on our health
  • Being mindful
  • Seeking self discovery & our truth
  • Pursuing our passions
  • Staying in our own lane
  • Having a growth mindset

20 Ways
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Live Each Day

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